Women’s Rights Awareness & Legal Aid

Leadership classes on women and child rights are held at the Hariharananda Vocational Training Center. Outreach awareness camps are organized in rural villages. The WISH (Women’s Independent Self-Help) Network is growing into a large web of support and resources for thousands of women throughout Odisha. A team of more than 30 lawyers offer free services for women who are victims of domestic violence and sexual abuse. Grassroots India offers housing, food, emergency medical services, mental health counselling, and transportation free of charge. Publications are also produced and distibuted.


councelingCounseling & Advocacy

Grassroots India acts as a resource center and shelter for victims of various abuses. Cases are reviewed, referrals made and solutions explored. Mental health counseling, advocacy, and case management are provided.

domestic violenceDomestic Violence Workshops

Grassroots India utilizes the RESPONSE proven workshop curriculum. The Domestic Violence 101 workshop offers basic awareness to sensitize local women and social service providers. The RESPONSE Advocacy Training is a WISH Network advocacy training, creating couselors and support at the village level.


transit homeTransit Home

WISH offers emergency care, housing, and resources to women who have been victims of women's rights violation. Medical care, mental health counselling, legal advise, and shelter are provided on a case to case basis.