WISH (Women's Independent Self-Help) Network

WISH Network is an eclectic group of mentors, community leaders, teachers, alumni, volunteers and social workers who offer social services to underprivileged women. WISH provides scholarships for housing, food, vocational training, education, medical aid and counseling to young women through an on-going application process. Training, job placement and small enterprise help young women become more self-sufficient and contribute to family and community.


OutreachOutreach Programs

WISH volunteers and staff conduct women's awareness workshops in rural villages. Women's health and women's rights information is rare and young women appreciate information on current government schemes, personal medical concerns, and other resources available year-round. Field visits to WISH member homes to gather information for case studies are conducted. WISH aims to be a solid network and base of support for rural women throughout Odisha. In this photo young women from Kendrapara District in Odisha discuss women's health with one of our social workers.