Medical Training and Social Services

Grassroots India provides medical aid and social services to young women in need of OB-GYN care. Many of our patients are pregnant women having difficulty with deliveries. We also aid WISH family members with life-threatening illnesses. In addition, we operate a meals-on-wheels program for patients in need at the state hospital and terminal patients at home. Our team of senior WISH members often stay at the hospital and advocate for patients who cannot care for themselves and have no family members.


med aidMedical Aid

Whether you are a new WISH member needing medical aid, or an alumni who is returning to us for help with a troubled pregnancy, Grassroots India is there to help with hospital admission, providing hospital meals, transportation and housing for family members from the villages. Many cases are emergency childbirth, however we have also assisted with kidney transplant patients and other lifesaving urgent care. Our primary focus is as logistical support and resource center for Cuttack doctors and nurses. We occasionally help with medical costs in extreme emergencies.

Volunteer-Hospital-ServicesVolunteer Hospital Services

Our WISH Network provides hospital helpers and housing to needy families from the villages throughout Odisha. Patients are provided transportation assistance for medical tests, prescriptions, and doctor visits. Doctors at SCB Medical, the state hospital, contact us to provide meals for destitute patients. Since there is no food served in the hospitals, those without family support often request the WISH Network to deliver home-cooked meals from our center. Additionally, many patients released from the hospital require care and housing for a couple of days before heaindg back to the interior rural areas. Beds and meals are provided at Grassroots India headquarters free of charge to the poor.

trainingMedical Training

Grassroots India offers Emergency Care & Safety certified medical courses in First Aid & CPR. This includes First Aid & CPR Standard and Advanced, Sports First Aid, Pediatric First Aid for Caregivers & Teachers, Ambulance Driver, and Healthcare Provider CPR. Certified courses for Personal Care Attendents and Home Health Aids are also offered. Many of the graduates go on to become bedside assistants at hospitals and nursing homes. Outreach workshops are also conducted at local hospitals and nursing homes for nurses continuing education.