High School Textbooks & Library Books

Grassroots India provides scholarships and textbooks for poor students in std. 9-10 who are meritous students but have no financial resoucres. We coorindate with local teachers who have proven commitment and dedication to thier students and supervise the distribution so that books go directly into the hands of the students. We have begun a rotating classroom library at some of the schools and are in the process of beginning several new school libraries. 


Tuition Studies

Literacy Tuition StudiesDaily tuition classes are held at Hariharananda Vocational Training Center. We have two divisions in Odia medium (local language), Std. 1-5 and Std. 6-10. Often girls come from the village with high school certificates but their actual level of education is std. 2-3. This is because teachers often help students pass exams so that it appears they are teaching properly. In fact, teachers are lax about showing up for classes in the village. Also, girl children often have demands in the home to assist mothers with cooking and other work. At HVTC the girls have an opportunity to study hard to improve their literacy during their residential stay.