Life Skill Training

Life skill courses are taught daily at the Hariharananada Vocational Training Center. Grassroots India also conducts Outreach Programs in schools and village community centers. The ChoicePoint Course helps women clarify what they most deeply care about and aids them in making wise choices. Other fundamental life skill training includes banking, small business management, women's health, childcare, cooking, sewing, and house management.


childChild Care

Childcare courses are offered regularly for WISH residents and include topics such as pediatric first aid, infant and child CPR, baby's nutrition, pregnancy, childbirth, vaccination, communicable diseases, and mental health.


The ChoicePoint curriculum explores ways of making wise choices and aids young people in making decisions which will support long-term life goals in the face of the short-term demands of adolescence. The course is conducted in small groups, providing residents needed individual attention.



The Hariharananda Vocational Training Center teaches weekly cooking classes and provides instructors for Hariharananda Balashram schoolm  Std. 8-10 students. WISH has completed a cookbook of traditional Odia recipes.


Many girls come for the basic tailoring course to learn domestic sewing. These students are often so thrilled with the creativity of the course they continue their training with goals of a small business in the village, or train and work in the busy production center of Hariharananda Vocational Training Center. Sewing is an essential skill for young girls in the villages and produces a nice income.