Hariharananda Vocational Training Center

Hariharananda Vocational Training Center in Cuttack, Odisha offers residential and day courses in tailoring, embroidery, healthcare, nursing, computer fundamentals, literacy, agriculture & dairy, women’s health and women's rights. The vocational training center also hosts special workshops and guest speakers throughout the year. Social services include medical aid, counseling, housing and food for the destitute, emergency relief and job placement. The Hariharananda Vocational Training Center is a hub for the WISH (Women’s Independent Self-Help) Network of young women who are working hard to reach their fullest potential and serve others in the society.


Small Business Training

Small Business Training

Our WISH Shop has provided a live model for the women to learn small business management skills. Our tailoring and embroidery business has increased significantly and helps to support the food at the Institute. All women participate in customer care, bookkeeping & register maintenance, inventory management, marketing, sales and public relations activities. Our WISH Shop is an experiential and interactive learning environment that prepares students to be entrepreneurs or desirable employees.   


Hariharananda Vocational Training Center is an internationally certified Emergency Care & Safety Training Center, offering a wide variety of First Aid Courses. The Center also offers a Personal Care Attendant course, and an Advanced Home Health Aid Course. Courses may also be conducted at hospitals and nursing homes upon request.

tailoringTailoring & Embroidery

Our highly successful tailoring & embroidery unit is the longest running project at Grassroots India. Creativity and teamwork are needed to fulfill the orders from local wholesalers, schools and neighbors. The senior WISH students conduct outreach programs with partners such as RSETI (Rural Self-Employment Training Institute), a division of State Bank of India, and the Hariharananda Balashram resident school for 500 children.

Cooking ProjectLife Skill Training

Life Skill Courses include the ChoicePoint Course, Banking, Bookkeeping, Cooking, Sewing, Small Business, and House Management. Obtaining a Voter ID, BPL cards, and accessing government schemes are covered.

computer-trainingComputer Fundamentals

Computer Fundamental classes are held regularly at the Grassroots India headquarters. Special workshops are held periodically for Advanced Microsoft Office Professional, Adobe Creative Suite graphic design, Tally, and Akruti (Odia language software).

Art  CraftArts & Crafts

Creativity and artistic expression is encouraged in all WISH participants. Special art & craft workshops are conducted periodically.

Jewelry ProjectJewelry Design

Courses in jewelry design have helped the WISH participants set up their own small businesses and also supplement their tailoring incomes. During the training we create various items and offer them for sale at the WISH shop. The girls sell to family and friends at holiday time and participate in the sales and marketing of items throughout Cuttack.

foodSpices & Food Preservation

Regular workshops are conducted in food preservation, packaging, marketing and sales. Spices, pickles, chutneys, sauces and production of various food products are the theme of the training.

communityCommunity Events

SHG (self-help groups) often use the Center for community events. WISH also holds an annual Foundation Day which serves as the Reunion for all past WISH members and the local community.

Woman's Rights AwarenessWomen's Health & Women's Rights Education

Outreach programs are conducted regularly in the rural villages. This insures that awareness and education reach the interior, remote areas. Grassroots India uses cell phones and SMS messaging for communication. Panchayats, SHG (self-help groups), local government and WISH alumni work together to build awareness of women's health and women's rights. Grassroots India provides Emergency Care Services for women at our Center in Cuttack.





Cow Products

Cow-ProductTraining is provided in creating products from indigenous Indian Desi cows. The A2 milk from these cows has proven to be more nutritious than the more popular A1 milk producing cows (hybrids). Cow dung is used for bio-gas, fuel and manure. Urine is useful for ayurvedic medicines and disinfectants. The indigenous Indian cows are facing extinction in the near future due to inbreeding and genetic modifications. Grassroots India is committed to the preservation of these ancient breeds and finding useful income generating products which can enhance farmers livelihood.