Emergency Relief

Odisha suffers regularly from natural disasters which destroy homes, crops, water and sanitation. Rural women, children and livestock suffer the most. Grassroots India provides temporary housing, food, and medical aid to those who are in need.

emergency-domestic-violence-centerDomestic Violence Shelter

A women takes shelter at Hariharananda Vocational Training Center after facing consistent domestic violence for 10 years. Quality housing, vegetarian meals, volunteer services and job placement are offered. Mental health and family counseling helps with reconciliation where possible. We have arrangements with over 30 lawyers who work for free.

Emergency Relief - Medical AidEmergency Medical

Difficult women's health emergencies (i.e. OB-GYN, childbirth) and other life threatening illnesses are referred to Grassroots India for aid. We offer emergency transport, doctor & hospital references, bedside assistants, meals and more for patients in need.